Proctorio: Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Request Proctorio?

How Do I Enable Proctorio For A New Exam?

  • When creating a new Canvas quiz or exam, you will see a box to check to Enable Proctorio in the settings area.
  • If you copy quizzes or exams from a past course site which was using Proctorio, the setting may already be enabled.

Who Will Check the Proctoring Reports?

  • Teaching Staff can access the Proctorio reports for each quiz or exam.
  • Instructional Technology staff are available to help review Proctorio reports if needed.

What If My Students are Concerned about Taking an Exam Using Proctorio?

  • The Proctorio Setup Quiz is added to every course using Proctorio.
    • The Setup Quiz walks students through the process of using the correct browser and installing the Proctorio extension needed to run Proctorio for their exam.
    • The Setup Quiz should have the same settings used on the exam.
    • When students take the Setup Quiz, they go through the same system checks and restrictions as the exam. This gives them a feel for how the process will work for the exam.
    • The Setup Quiz also has questions that inform students about best practices when using Proctorio.
    • Please encourage students to take the Setup Quiz early to ensure their systems will work properly during the exam.

  • The Proctorio Content Module is also added to every course using Proctorio.
    • The module has a link to the Proctorio website with security and privacy information, helpful tips, and live chat assistance.
    • The module also has Online Exams and Proctorio Exam checklists with best practices and support tips specific to DCE students.

What Do Students Need In Order to Take My Proctorio Exam?

All Students Must:

  • Use a supported browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, or Opera).
  • Download the Proctorio extension for their supported browser.
  • Have a stable internet connection.
  • Use a desktop or laptop computer.

Depending on Your Settings Students May Need:

  • webcam
  • microphone
  • identification

What If a Student Cannot or Will Not Use Proctorio?

  • There are very few exceptions in which students will be excused from using Proctorio and allowed to use an in-person proctor.
  • Students who need an exception due to accessibility accommodations or special circumstances must contact Distance Exams at ( for more details on using in-person proctors.

Instructional Technology Support

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